Soul Circles

The Soul Circle will consists of 6-8 women interested in personal growth and increased awareness. Whom may be on a Hero’s journey, has been Broken Open, having struggles or feel stuck in their life and want to make a meaning of it all or wish to continue the journey they are already on. Meetings will be held at my home second Wednesday of the month for 2 hours deep diving, starting January 10th, 2018. The duration of the Soul Circle is 6 months. The theme will be how you relate, live and express Authenticity, Playfulness, Nourishing, Confidence, Evolving and being a Warrior (Goddess). I will share work to go over before each meeting for discussion, empowerment and insights. Furthermore, I will create an exclusive Facebook group for the circle members only for added support and to share your experiences/insights. It’s a sacred and safe space to share your inner deepest thoughts and desires. We will have a check-in zoom call for support in between the meetings. Once the circle is formed we can decide on day and dates of the meetings moving forward

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The benefits of Soul Circles

Being part of the Soul Circle, you will experience feeling:

  • Connected
  • Empowered
  • Motivated
  • Take Action
  • Increased Positive attitude
  • Upleveled Belief system
  • Increased Happiness

What to Expect Before, During and After Your Session

Before Your Soul Circle Meeting

I will prepare material to work on before our monthly meetings. Please bring pen and notebook to meetings so you can log your insights, progression and work. We will have lots of fun along the way.

During Your Soul Circle

We will open the Soul Circle every month with a soul connection meditation. We will be doing sacred and deep work together and everything said here will be confidential. What is said here stays here! During our work shifts and insights will happen that can release some emotional blockages that we have been holding in for a long time or traumas that is emerging to be released. There is room for everyone and the container I’m creating will for this Soul Circle will be magnificent. You will love the journey of expressing your deepest desires and dreams. Work to make them a reality with the support of the group. We are all in for laughter, hugs, positive attitude, personal growth and increased awareness. A loving space for All. Healing for One, is healing for All!!

Self Care Tips

I highly recommend meditations or spending time in nature to reconnect with your soul, your inner voice. I will share meditations that has worked great for me. Meditations can help you relax, increase your awareness and intuition, find your purpose and sleep better among things.

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Real Stories, Real Results

“I was referred to Pernille by my sister. I have years of being in therapy and working with various kinds of healers. Working with Pernille I feel heard, supported, safe, and enjoy the healing she does on the table with me.” – Read More

– Gregory Wood, Darien, CT

“I am an entrepreneur and run my own business which I’m currently working on taking to the next level. Dreambuilder is an awesome tool! Pernille did an excellent job guiding me through the startup phase. I’m already implementing my new tools and have new ways to expand my business further.” -Read More

– Kjeld Adam, Copenhagen, Denmark

“I am a teaching Tennis Pro and I also play some competitive tennis. In the summer of 2016, I suffered a stress fracture on my right foot which kept me from teaching and playing tennis for most of 2016, with very little improvement. That’s when I decided to see Pernille Halbro who suggested Reiki healing and Detox foot baths.” -Read More

– Telly Zangas, Stamford, CT

“I have been healed by Pernille for the side effects I had with me second round of chemotherapy. My chemo treatment gives me nausea and acid reflux, which I never had issues with before.” -Read More

Annemarie Carstensen, Denmark

“My experience today with Pernille Halbro has been fantastic! The way you listen and give ideas to solutions are profound. I felt guided and safe being with you. Your healing was so wonderful.” -Read More

– Ingelise Halbro, Naestved, Denmark

“Pernille and I met while working as Tender Touch volunteers at The Stamford Hospital. We have been supporting each others work by sharing healing experiences and giving Reiki to each other as part of each others self care routine. ” -Read More

– Heather Haase Bernatchez, Elevate Wellness, Stamford, CT


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