DreamBuilder Program

DreamBuilder is a 12-week program, where you will work 1:1 with me or in a group once a week.

We will work on 4 phases;

  • Blueprinting: Discovering, Designing and Testing Your Dream
  • Bridging: Befriending Your Fear, Welcoming the Flow of Abundance, Evolving Your Perceptions
  • Building: Listening to the inner voice, Power of Believing, Failure is a Stepping Stone
  • Becoming: Harvesting Your Dream

Materials are included to go deeper. Approx 30 minutes of work per week.

The Benefits of The dreambuilder program

  • Through your longings and discontents we will focus on the areas of Health, Relationships, Vocation and Time, Money and Freedom. Where do you want growth/change? What would it look and feel like to Live the Life of your Dreams?

What to Expect Before, During and After Your Session

Before Your Session

Book your Complimentary Strategy Session. During our session we will look further into your dreams and desires.

During Your Session

During our weekly sessions, your commitment is:

  • A strong desire for change in your life
  • A willingness to be open and honest with your life coach
  • The time to complete actions you set yourself
  • Readiness to invest in your future

My commitment to you is:

  • Total dedication to your goals
  • Support, encouragement and motivation
  • Non-judgemental and positive attitude
  • Qualified and professional coaching skills
  • A passion to see you reach your full potential

All session will be via Zoom online for 45 minutes.

Self Care Tips

Support it key when having the desire to change habits or repattern. Most people gravitate towards the familiar which means we can have a desire for change but we often go back to the habits we used to have.  Therefor having a Coach and a support system is important to stay on track especially when we are being challenged to think outside of the box.

Need more information? Schedule a Free Strategy Session

Real Stories, Real Results

“I was referred to Pernille by my sister. I have years of being in therapy and working with various kinds of healers. Working with Pernille I feel heard, supported, safe, and enjoy the healing she does on the table with me.” – Read More

– Gregory Wood, Darien, CT

“I am an entrepreneur and run my own business which I’m currently working on taking to the next level. Dreambuilder is an awesome tool! Pernille did an excellent job guiding me through the startup phase. I’m already implementing my new tools and have new ways to expand my business further.” -Read More

– Kjeld Adam, Copenhagen, Denmark

“I am a teaching Tennis Pro and I also play some competitive tennis. In the summer of 2016, I suffered a stress fracture on my right foot which kept me from teaching and playing tennis for most of 2016, with very little improvement. That’s when I decided to see Pernille Halbro who suggested Reiki healing and Detox foot baths.” -Read More

– Telly Zangas, Stamford, CT

“I have been healed by Pernille for the side effects I had with me second round of chemotherapy. My chemo treatment gives me nausea and acid reflux, which I never had issues with before.” -Read More

Annemarie Carstensen, Denmark

“My experience today with Pernille Halbro has been fantastic! The way you listen and give ideas to solutions are profound. I felt guided and safe being with you. Your healing was so wonderful.” -Read More

– Ingelise Halbro, Naestved, Denmark

“Pernille and I met while working as Tender Touch volunteers at The Stamford Hospital. We have been supporting each others work by sharing healing experiences and giving Reiki to each other as part of each others self care routine. ” -Read More

– Heather Haase Bernatchez, Elevate Wellness, Stamford, CT


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